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Welcome to Cyber Crime Complaint Center - Assisting Lawyers and Authorities in the apprehension of cyber criminals, and gathering electronic evidence for a successful litigation.

In criminal law where the quantum of evidence required is proof beyond reasonable doubt, your case is as good as your evidence.

Do not compromise your case. Call the experts in Cyber Crime Tracking and Documentation.

If you are a victim of internet fraud, scam, or anything that relates to Information Technology and Communication (IT&C), Internet Fraud, Internet Impersonation, or if you are wrongfully accused of committing a cyber crime, please feel
free to contact us.


Our heart-felt gratitude to the Facebook Team for their usual prompt action on this matter.


Interview of Engr. Antonio E. Jimeno Jr., ECE by GMA Network TV Channel 7, Manila, Philippines:

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And when people write "bad" things about you in the Internet and these bad, malicious, libelous, negative and/or "unfriendly" articles made it on top of the search engines page results, can we "erase" them from the search engines' pages results? Can we totally remove them from the Internet as well? That is what our Internet Reputation Protection Service is all about! And coupled with our Cyber Crime Complaint Center portal, we can even trace the culprits, gather electronic evidence and assist  your lawyers and the proper authorities to bring them to the court of law!

Internet Protection Services: Removing Malicious Blog Sites and Libelous Social Networking Sites not only from the Search Engines' Page Results but from the Internet as well. We can also help you coordinate with the authorities to track and trace the identity of the "author" and perform cyber crime forensics to help you lawyers gather electronic evidence for a successful conviction in the courts of law.


Here's how to remove BigSeekPro and/or Babylon from your Mozilla Firefox browser: A simple visual step-by-step guide.

HTML:Iframe-inf Virus - Attacking websites and infecting computers worldwide!

If your website is attacked and infected with an HTML:Iframe-inf virus, you risk being flagged as a "Reported Attack Site" by major search engines. Potential customers will shy away from your Site and loyal customers run the risk of their computers being infected with a malware virus. Shall you run the risk of major business losses?

The HTML: Iframe-inf virus, if not removed from your web pages within 90 days will damage the reputation and goodwill not only of your site, but also of your business as well since major search engines may display a warning right on top of your site that "This is a Reported Attack Site." Please contact us immediately if your Site is attacked by the HTML:Iframe-inf virus!

Blog Sites as Venue for Cyber Crimes:

Companies offering free blog services provide only the means to create such sites. Unfortunately, they cannot monitor their sites all the time. So when a blog-writer impersonates somebody else, or writes defamatory remarks against another, these companies are not in a position to arbitrate disputes. Even if a blog site contains unappealing or distasteful contents or presents unpopular viewpoints, these companies still allow their users to create such sites because
they do not make any claims about its contents. All in the name of freedom of expression, to the detriment of the hapless victims and their loved ones. Though they provide means to which such victims may report such abuses, the damage has been done. Relief is not as quick as it should come. Most often than not, the perpetrator remains unpunished.

If you believe that what a blog site is writing about you constitutes defamation, libel, or slander, or if the writer is impersonating you to your detriment and that of your loved ones, please feel free to contact us and we will deal with the offender to the fullest extent of the law.

Your Corporate Site Webmaster is Stealing Information from you!

You have a profitable business, a real estate business for example. You are earning at least USD 100,000.00 per week. Then suddenly your sales are declining. Your usual profit is diminishing. You tried to log on into your corporate web site inquiry page using a phony name and provided a means to contact you through your new email address and mobile numbers. Suddenly, some real estate brokers are contacting you and offering you projects that are offered by your competitors. Worst of all, you are contacted by a competitor. Your webmaster is stealing information from you, redirecting your site's inquiry contents to another email addresss.

What is your remedy?

Suspect in stolen laptop case nabbed by NBI agents

By Allison Lopez, Philippine Daily Inquirer, First Posted 01:37:00 08/14/2008.

"...The owner of the vehicle, a lawyer who declined to be named, said he lost a Toshiba Qosmio laptop computer worth P80,000 and other valuables. On Aug. 6, the lawyer said he saw an ad posted by a person with the username “777PC” on the website offering a Toshiba Qosmio for only P16,500. Upon viewing the computer’s specifications, De Guzman said the lawyer suspected it was his stolen laptop, and sought the help of the NBI. An entrapment operation was then set up. Dizon was arrested after he showed up at the meeting place with the stolen laptop."

Feel free to contact us. We will help you in any way we can. We will contact the appropriate authorities, government agencies, if needed. We will also coordinate with the companies involved if needed. We will negotiate for your immediate relief and compensatory damages if needed. We may also take legal actions in your behalf if the situation calls for it.



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Copyright 1996 - 2013 Engr. Antonio E. Jimeno, Jr., ECE, International Cybercrime Consulting Corporation. All Rights Reserved! Cybercrime Complaint Center is an International Center for Cybercrime Documentation and prosecution of crimes committed in cyberspace. We help cybercitizens remove HTML:Iframe-inf viruses from their websites and help coordinate with various government and private entities in crime solutions involving the internet, technology gadgets, and cyberspace. We are successful in removing malicious and damaging blog sites who are destroying the good name and reputation of individuals and businesses. Please contact us if you are experiencing harassment in cyberspace. If you are a victim of crimes involving the internet, technology gadgets, and the like, please call us immediately for proper action. If you are a victim of cybercrimes, of people (cyber criminals) utilizing the internet to defraud and/or victimize innocent people, of people using the latest state of the art technology in taping unauthorized conversations, videos, taping sex videos using hidden camera recorders, or of cybercriminals threatening to malign your reputation, posting malicious articles in the internet, or trying to extort money and/or sexual considerations from you, Cybercrime Complaint Center is here to help you. We can assist you and your lawyer in gathering electronic documents for litigation purposes, track the cyber criminal on his location, profile and whereabouts, and coordinate with local and international authorities in the apprehension and arrest of the cyber criminal and bring him/her to the courts of law. And if you are wrongfully accused of a crime, or if you are a victim of negative public opinions (trial by publicity), we can help you clear your name and negate or remove the proliferation of negative articles and write-ups by flooding the search engines with positive p.r. (public relations) articles - we have done it in the past. We have successfully removed our clients' negative write ups and libellous materials posted in the Google Blogger with the proper coordination and generous assistance by Google, and successfully beaten the negative write ups in the search engines by posting positive articles that were positioned on top of the search engines. When Necessity Demands Expertise - you can rely only on the industry experts with proven track records. The difficult, we do at once... the impossible takes a little longer...

Engr. Antonio "Tony" Jimeno, Jr., ECE pioneered the Philippines' First Online Cyber Crime Complaint Center catering to Internet crime victims worldwide, 
and created the  acronym Name Association Management Entrenchment (N.A.M.E.) TechniqueTM and applied the concept for his
Online Reputation Management Services in the Philippines. Engr. Antonio "Tony" Jimeno, Jr., ECE is now actively removing malicious blog sites and
Social Networking Sites containing Damaging, Malicious and/or Libelous Articles not only in the search engines but in the Internet as well.
Engr. Antonio "Tony" Jimeno, Jr., ECE also traces and removes hackers from personal computers and corporate networks as he also specializes in
Ethical Hacking (hacking and monitoring your own computer networks to test its vulnerabilities against hacking attacks and/or hacking activities).

"Engr. Antonio 'Tony' Jimeno, Jr., specializes in removing libellous articles and malicious blog sites not only in search engines but also in the Internet.
He coordinated closely with Google, Inc. (USA and Finland) for the successful removal of malicious and libellous blog sites
 against our lady-client who is a known executive in the travel industry. And while waiting for the favourable results,
Engr. Tony Jimeno took it upon himself to remove and de-list such sites in the Yahoo and Google Search Engines utilizing effective SEO Techniques.
Engr. Tony Jimeno was also able to identify the culprit and was able to gather enough electronic evidence to win our case
but our lady-client refused to proceed further for personal and security reasons." (Testimonial on the H.A.S. Case)

Kudos to Atty. Rod Nepomuceno and Atty. Karen Jimeno-McBride of Legal Help Desk, Solar News Channel,
Elo Escueta of Placewell International Services Corporation and Yas Muralla