Cyber Crime Complaint Center

Welcome to the Cybercrime Complaint Center. We are assisting government agencies, law firms, lawyers, and victims of cyber crime related cases.

Cyber Crime Consulting Services

Property Scams, Investment Scams, Hacking, Fake Facebook Account, Harassment, Blackmail, Extorion, Removal of Video Scandals, Cyber Bullying, Violence Against Women and their Children, Child Abuse, Human Trafficking, Financial Fraud, Recuitment Fraud, Fradulent MLM Schemes, Online Reputation Management, Online Libel, Cyber Crime and non-cyber related issues.

Online Reputation Management

Removing malicious, libelous, compromising, bad, negative or simply "unfriendly" materials not only from the Google search engine's page results but from the Internet as well.

Fake Facebook Account Removal

Identity Theft is a crime. We will remove fake Facebook and other social networking accounts and assist you in the investigation and documentation of the circumstances that surround the creation of the account for litigation and other lawful purposes.

Hacking Investigation, Documentation and Prevention

Our various Pentest (Penetration Testing) tools will help you assess the vulnerability of your network against online attacks. We can also install the necessary tools that you need for monitoring of hackers in your computer or network infrastructure.

Legal Helpdesk

We have a pool of lawyers that will assist you in your legal issues, whether cyber crime related or not such as, but not limited to, Annulment, Legal Separation, Collection Issues, Credit Card Issues, Ejectment, Land Titles, Libel, Stalking, Harassment, Extortion, Financial Fraud, Scams, Property Fraud, Recruitment Fraud, Text Fraud, Globe GCash Issues, Scams thru SmartMoney, Western Union, Sulit, and other payment-related scams.

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