Cyber Crime Complaint Center on Libelous Blog Sites

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What is more annoying than libelous, malicious, bad, negative, compromising articles written about you by anonymous cyber criminals who take delight in destroying your reputation, business or brand name?

Beating the libelous blog site in search engine ranking

Time is of the essence here. You have to beat these sites from the search engine page results the fastest time possible. The longer these articles stay there (on top of the search engines' pages results) the heavier the damage it creates to your name, reputation, business or brand name.

When cyber crime is committed against your person or property, it is very important that you react to the incident very efficiently.

De-Listing of the Blog Site from various search engines

Not only do you beat these malicious blog sites from the search engines' page results, you have to remove these from the search engines' page results as well. That can be done only by professionals equipped with the right tools and infrastructures.

Removal, Erasure and Suspension of the Blog Site Account

Not only do you remove these malicious blog sites from the search engines' page results, you have to remove these totally from the Internet as well. That can be done as well.

Incident Reporting to various law enforcement agencies.

We will conduct incident documentation and reporting to various authorities and coordinate with the law enforcement agencies to arrest the culprit and bring him to justice.

Documentation as to the losses you suffered

Actual damages should not only be alleged but must also be proven in the court of law. We will assist you in the documentation of the losses suffered by you or your organization as a result of the incident. And before you enter into a time consuming and expensive litigation process, we will help you negotiate for compensatory damages through out-of-court settlements. Only when all negotiations failed that we will help you bring bring the culprit to the court of law through our lawyer-partners.

Preventive Measures

If the cyber crime incident has not occurred yet, it is also in your best interest that we protect your name, reputation, business or brand name from future attacks. Fill the search engines' page results with good articles about you long before the negative articles will crawl on top of the search engines' page results to create havoc. Minimize your damage when they occur. Remove these malicious sites even before they got on top of the search engines' page results.

Tracing the Culprits

Yes, these cyber criminals can be traced and located. After all you have gone through, these culprits must be brought to jail where the full extent of the law can be applied to them.

We can conduct a thorough technical audit for possible violation or occurrence of cyber crimes.

Copyright Engr. Antonio E. Jimeno, Jr., ECE., International Cybercrime Consulting Corporation. All Rights Reserved! Cybercrime Complaint Center is an International Center for Cybercrime Documentation and prosecution of crimes committed in cyberspace. We help cybercitizens remove HTML:Iframe-inf viruses from their websites and help coordinate with various government and private entities in crime solutions involving the internet, technology gadgets, and cyberspace. We are successful in removing malicious and damaging blog sites who are destroying the goodname and reputation of individuals and businesses. Please contact us if you are experiencing harrassment in cyberspace. If you are a victim of crimes involving the internet, technology gadgets, and the like, please call us immediately for proper action. If you are a victim of cybercrimes, of people (cyber criminals) utilizing the internet to defraud and/or victimize innocent people, of people using the latest state of the art technology in taping unauthorized conversations, videos, taping sex videos using hidden camera recorders, or of cybercriminals threatening to malign your reputation, posting malicious articles in the internet, or trying to extort money and/or sexual considerations from you, Cybercrime Complaint Center is here to help you. We can assist you and your lawyer in gathering electronic documents for litigation purposes, track the cyber criminal on his location, profile and whereabouts, and coordinate with local and international authorities in the apprehension and arrest of the cyber criminal and bring him/her to the courts of law. And if you are wrongfully accused of a crime, or if you are a victim of negative public opinions (trial by publicity), we can help you clear your name and negate or remove the proliferation of negative articles and write-ups by flooding the search engines with positive p.r. (public relations) articles - we have done it in the past. We have succesfully removed our clients' negative write ups and libelous materials posted in the Google Blogger with the proper coordination and generous assistance by Google, and successfully beaten the negative write ups in the search engines by posting positive articles that were positioned on top of the search engines. When Necessity Demands Expertise - you can rely only on the industry experts with proven track records. The difficult, we do at once... the impossible takes a little longer...